All Work - No Play!

All Work - No Play facilitates interaction between sociable colleagues with an objective to enhance happiness, health and productivity at work. It provides a platform to effectively communicate social and sporting activities between all in the workplace, enabling a much wider reach for colleague networking. As an All Work - No Play member you can use this website to:

Create events in your organisation’s All Work - No Play calendar.

View all events taking place within your organisation.

Customise All Work - No Play to display only your social interests.

Receive email notifications when your preferred events are created.

Join events and interact with colleagues that share the same interests as you.

Determine which of your colleagues are attending created events.

With All Work - No Play there is no exclusion; we believe group involvement should be inclusive and not dependent on whom you know or where you sit. At All Work - No Play, you don’t create activity groups- groups create themselves!

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