Frequently Asked Questions


How is All Work - No Play different from other social networking sites?

All Work - No Play is a no-nonsense website developed with the functionality in mind and the benefits to the user. Used effectively, All Work - No Play should save you time in organising your social and sporting activities at work; there are no ‘time-wasting’ elements on this site which are common to popular social networking sites. 

Why should I use All Work - No Play instead of my work email system?

All Work - No Play provides a central hub for all your social activity, accessible to all of your colleagues who are also members. Unless emails or appointments are sent to everyone wishing to take part in various social activities, people will be excluded. Even if you were to have a definitive email group, there is no way of seeing who is actually going to take part. All Work - No Play removes the inefficiencies from organising events through existing email systems and negates the need to send emails backwards and forwards to determine who will be taking part.  

Who can view the activities I create/join?

There are two types of events that can be added to the All Work - No Play calendar: those which are private and can only be viewed by your colleagues, and those which are public and can be viewed by external guests. When joining an event, please take note whether it is private or public and if public, be aware that anyone will be able to view the content. 

I can’t locate my company, what do I do?

All Work - No Play administer the organisations which are registered to the website in order to prevent errors and duplications. If your company isn't already on All Work - No Play, simply complete the sign-up form, tell us your company name and we will notify you once added. 

Why can’t I set up my organisation myself?

All Work - No Play administrators will perform this function to make sure each organisation registered on All Work - No Play is listed in full with no errors. This will prevent any possible duplication of organisations where the name might have an element of ambiguity, such as those using acronyms.  

How can my company team make use of All Work - No Play?

All Work - No Play has the provision to add networks that are specific to your organisation. Simply add in your team to the 'add a network' field and get each of your team-mates to join All Work - No Play and specify to be part of that network in their profile. They will then be able to easily view fixtures once added. When the captain creates training or a match, all team-mates will be notified and can then choose to join this event. Any team-mate will be able to view who is taking part in the All Work - No Play calendar. In addition, there may be colleagues who weren’t aware of this team and wish to take part- they will be able to see any such events and enquire about getting involved.  

How can I join in with events at my company’s other locations?

When you set up your profile, you specify at which location you work. If your company has other locations you will be able to specify in your profile that you would like to be able to view activities taking place at these. You will be able to filter the location of events in your organisation’s events calendar.

Is my organisation too big to join All Work - No Play?

No. The larger the company, the more a facility such as this can benefit employees. By specifying your location of work within this organisation you can specify which part of your organisation you socialise with. 

Is my organisation too small to join All Work - No Play?

If you think you and your colleagues can benefit from the events planning facility within All Work - No Play, there’s no reason why you can’t sign-up, however many the number of employees. 

How can I get my workmates involved in my activities?

The best way to get your workmates involved in your activities is to speak to them about All Work - No Play and encourage them to sign-up to your networks. You can also use the invite facility on the website to send them an email invitation.  

Can I involve friends in my activities that are not part of my organisation?

All Work - No Play has the provision to invite guests to specific activities. These guests will only be able to interact with that specific event and nothing else within your organisation’s networks. 

What can I do if I want to create a network that isn’t classified in All Work - No Play?

All Work - No Play allows colleagues to add additional networks for use within their organisation without the need for All Work - No Play administration. However, any additions will be monitored and action will be taken if there is any violation of the terms of website usage. 

Can I control how I receive email notifications from All Work - No Play?

You can specify in your profile which email notifications you wish to receive. It is possible to receive email notifications for any events taking part within your organisation or none. However, we reserve the right to send you emails regarding the All Work - No Play service. Please see our privacy policy to find out more. 

I’m only interested in a few activities, is there any way to just view these?

You can filter the networks you view within the All Work - No Play calendar to suit your preferences. By default, the calendar filters to the networks you have subscribed to in your profile. 

I’m reluctant to join in with sporting activities as I feel I may be not advanced enough/fit enough. How can I find out the level expected?

When events are created, there is the optional provision to add an ability level where relevant. Use this to gauge whether the activity is at your level. If you can’t find anything at your level, why not set-up your own event and specify your own ability? 

What can I do if I find a colleague to be abusing the system?

All Work - No Play promotes a clean and friendly environment and any member should use this website in accordance to our terms of usage. If you find any colleague to be posting offensive material, please notify us at once at contact@allwork-noplay.co.uk and we will review this user’s membership if severe or monitor this user, warning them their membership will be subject to termination should such behaviour arise again. 

How can I sponsor All Work - No Play?

Would your organisation like to announce how All Work - No Play has benefited their employees? If so we would be happy to place a case study on our website should we have authority from appropriate management. 

Can I advertise on All Work - No Play?

The facility to advertise on All Work - No Play is currently in development. However we very much welcome expressions of interest at contact@allwork-noplay.co.uk and are happy to hear your suggestions as to how you can make use of our site to promote you product or service.  

Why can’t I message my friends on All Work - No Play?

All Work - No Play is an effective and functional software to enable colleagues to plan events and nothing else. There is the facility to post comments about the event you are taking part in, but if colleagues wish to converse with each other, they can do so on their existing work email system on which this site functions.