All Work - No Play: Discover Your Work-Life

All Work - No Play allows you to interact socially with your colleagues in a way that wasn’t previously possible. By organising events in a central location, you can forgo the inefficiencies and limitations of trying to coordinate events though your email system. All Work – No Play provides a no nonsense, user-friendly events planner, enabling effective social interaction between colleagues. No longer need emails fly backward and forward as your colleagues respond to each other: set up an event on the All Work - No Play website for all to join, view participants and leave comments.

All Work - No Play has been devised by two colleagues who hold the overriding ideal that the workplace should nurture friendships, in turn strengthening working relationships. They wanted an effective solution, enabling their colleagues to interact with greater ease through a range of sporting and social activities regularly taking place within their organisation. Importantly, they sought to remove the evident barriers in employee interaction that exist when colleagues predominantly interact with only those with whom they work closest, thereby making the workplace a more sociable environment for all.

All Work - No Play can be used to arrange just about any social or sporting event that colleagues wish to participate in, from a lunchtime stroll to climbing a mountain. Reap the social benefits of interaction with colleagues with whom you hold a shared interest and never miss out on events created in your networks by choosing to receive email notifications. All Work - No Play also provides an excellent platform for new starters in an organisation to get to know their colleagues quickly and make friends. Who knows what opportunities you may be presented with once you start getting yourself known through the social networks that exist in your organisation?

How it works

1) Enter your details into the sign-up page and select your company if it already exists on the All Work - No Play database. If your company doesn’t exist on our database, enter the name of your company and you’ll be notified as soon as it is created.

2) Once signed-up, you will receive an account activation notice via email. Click on the link within to take you to your profile, whereby you’ll be able to specify your office location, subscribe to the activity networks in which you wish to interact and even upload a photo of yourself so your colleagues can recognise you.

3) The All Work - No Play calendar is the hub of all activity on the site. Here you can view all events that have been added by your colleagues. To let others know you wish to take part in an event, simply click on it within the calendar and add your name to the participants.